What does it Mean When a Bird Poops on You?

Author: Tammy Poppie

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statue with bird poop all over it

Discover what it means when a bird poops on you. Or, when a bird poops on you in a dream! This article covers all of the bird pooping scenarios you wonder about. C’mon, you know you want to know!

When a bird poops on you, it’s easy to curse your luck and angrily clean it up. After all, it’s an inconvenience and can stain your clothes, or worse, get into your hair and make you need a shower.

However, before you begin cursing your luck, you should look at the beliefs and superstitions surrounding a bird pooping on you.

Birds are highly symbolic creatures, after all. They are symbols of:

  • freedom 
  • darkness 
  • higher forces 
  • nature 
  • blessings 
  • fortunetelling

Bird symbolism varies wildly by culture, but most cultures agree that a bird pooping on you is an excellent omen.

What Does it mean if a bird poops on you?

Every culture has its twist on this popular superstition, including variations on the time of day and the species that defecated on you. 

However, most agree it’s an omen of good fortune, blessings, and even a sign that the gods favor you.

This popular belief may stem from the need to turn a negative experience into a positive one as emotional self-defense. It’s easy to see how this belief came about, considering the sheer odds of a bird pooping on you.

Getting bird poop on you is undoubtedly an uncommon experience, and it can be said that such a rare event would call for some luck, whether you consider it good or bad.

Did you know there are other ways to attract good fortune? Red-colored birds. That’s right, the presence of a red bird near you is a also symbol of good fortune.

From A Spiritual Perspective

Birds represent freedom: physical, emotional, and spiritual. So getting pooped on by a bird, whether in a dream or in real life, is a chance for renewal. To clean yourself up, take a good look at your life and reflect on your actions.

From Russian Perspective

The most common bird poop superstition comes from Russia: a bird pooping on you means good fortune, specifically riches.

From Turkish Perspective

Turkish tradition dictates that a bird pooping on you is excellent luck. Like, “go out and buy some lottery tickets right now” levels of luck.

From Italian Perspective

When a bird poops on you in Italy, it means God singled you out to receive good fortune.

From Hindu Perspective

In Hinduism, it depends on the bird pooping on your head. If it’s a pigeon, it’s good luck, but birds like crows are bad luck. It can also be a sign of spiritual awakening.

From Islam Perspective

Birds are considered messengers of Allah in Islam, so getting pooped on by them is good luck.

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops On Your Head?

If getting pooped on any part of your body is considered good luck, your head is considered exceptionally fortunate. The odds are as slim as winning the lottery, so your next stop after a shower might be to buy some lottery tickets.

Psst…if you need more good luck in your life that doesn’t require washing doo-doo out of your hair, consider attracting northern flickers to your yard. My article Northern Flicker Spiritual Meaning < click here, discusses why yellow northern flickers are also a symbol of good luck.

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops On Your Car?

The superstition goes that if a bird poops on anything you own, it’s good luck. But bird poop is highly acidic and can eat away at cars if not cleaned, so maybe that doesn’t apply to vehicles.

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops Twice?

The odds of being pooped on twice are minimal, meaning it should bring you even more luck!

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops Three Times?

If once was unlikely and twice nearly impossible, then three times would be less likely than getting struck by lightning and winning the lottery. You should have enough luck to last the rest of your life if this happens.

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops In The Morning?

It’s a sign that positive changes are coming to your life, making work or business easier.

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops At Noon?

The odds of this are less than getting struck by lightning, but if it happens, it means you’ll be granted great wealth from heaven.

What Does It Mean If A Poops At Night?

This is the dealbreaker. Getting pooped on by a bird at night is considered unlucky in most cultures, especially from a nocturnal species like an owl or nightjar.

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops On Your Shoulder?

When a bird poops on your shoulder, it means the same thing as when a bird poops on you.

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops On Your Right Shoulder?

There’s no special meaning attached to this body part either.

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops On Your Hand?

Again, there’s no special meaning attached.

What Does It Mean If A Bird Poops On You In Your Dreams?

It means you should take an opportunity to renew yourself and cleanse your spirit. Bird poop in dreams means you should clean it and, by extension, reflect on your life.

Is It Good Luck If A Bird Poops On You?

Yes; however, some variations give you more luck or bad luck. Generally, birds representing good things are good omens, as is getting pooped on at auspicious times.

Is It Bad If A Bird Poops On You?

It depends on the situation. Getting pooped on at night or by unlucky birds like crows or ravens is a bad omen.

What Are The Odds Of Getting Pooped On?

In New York, it’s 1.12%; however, there are a lot of pigeons in New York. The chances are less than one percent in most other places, making you extremely lucky if something hits you.

Is Bird Poop Toxic To Humans?

Yes, bird poop is highly toxic to humans. It carries several diseases and is highly acidic, corrupting everything it sits on.


Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how to feel about a bird pooping on you. You can curse, blame the bird, clean it up, or smile and make something positive out of the experience.

Bird poop is everywhere, on statues, buildings, and cars, and it’s an inevitable part of life. So if a bird poops on you, be on the lookout for positive changes, business opportunities, and wealth.