Allen’s Hummingbird

Allen's hummingbird perched on a pine tree branch
Allen’s hummingbird. Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay
AppearanceAllen’s hummingbird is a tiny bird about 3.75″ long. They’re an orange-brown color with a bright copper iridescent throat, green head & back, brown wing flanks, and tufts of white on the neck and lower belly. The female is the same except pale coppery flanks.
DietNectar from flowers and bushes as well as insects.
Feeder FoodNectar
HabitatOpen woodlands
NestingThey nest in trees or shrubs between 2-50′ from the ground. They have 1-3 broods/season and usually 2 tiny white eggs/brood. Eggs are incubated for 17-22 days and fledglings leave the nest after about 22-25 days.

Range Map

Allen's hummingbird  range map.
Allen’s hummingbird range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.