Altamira Oriole

Altamira oriole on a palm branch
Altamira oriole. Photo by Ryan Arnst on Unsplash
AppearanceThe Altamira oriole is a medium-size bird, but large for an oriole, at about 9″ long. They are bright, deep orange with black on their face, throat, back, wings, and tail. They also have a thick, pointy bill. The female looks the same.
DietFlower nectar, fruits, insects, and berries.
Feeder FoodFresh fruit such as oranges and grapes, sugar-water nectar, as well as sunflower seeds.
HabitatAlthough mostly a tropical bird found in Mexico and South America, it’s slowly inched northward into Texas where they prefer lightly wooded areas and edges.
NestingThe pouch-like nest is suspended at the end of forked branches about 10-80′ up in a tree. They have about 4-6 eggs that are blue/white in color and speckled with black and lavender.

Range Map

Altamira oriole range map.
Altamira oriole range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.