Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore oriole sitting on a branch
Baltimore oriole. Photo by Lonnie Gilstrap.
Female Baltimore oriole on a deck rail approaching food
Female Baltimore oriole. Photo by Donna Cooper.
AppearanceMedium-sized bird about 8.25″ long. Male Baltimore orioles have a flaming orange body and black head with black and white wing bars. The tail is orange with black and white streaks.
The female and juvenile birds have pale yellow heads and bodies with grayish-brown wings and white wing bars.
Both genders have a gray bill and dark eyes.
Diet Insects, berries, and nectar from flowers.
Feeder FoodBaltimore Orioles will eat sweet foods such as nectar, oranges, and regular grape jelly.
HabitatBaltimore orioles can be found in residential areas and wooded edges rich with high, deciduous shade trees – especially during breeding. They often nest near natural water sources such as ponds and rivers.
NestingThe female builds a 4-6″ hanging long purse-style nest suspended on the end of a forked branch and only has one brood per year. About 4-5 bluish-colored eggs with brown markings are incubated for 12-14 days.

Range Map

map of Baltimore oriole migrating, breeding, and winter range
Baltimore oriole migration, breeding, wintering map.