Black Oystercatcher

Black oystercatcher on a rock
Black oystercatcher. Image by Daniel Franco from Pixabay
AppearanceThe black oystercatcher is a large shorebird about 17″ long. They’re all black with a long, thick, straight orange-red bill, orange-yellow eyes, and pale pink legs.
DietMollusks and shellfish
Feeder FoodN/A
HabitatAlong the rocky shores of the pacific ocean.
NestingNests are built along the rocky shores and are relatively bare. They may consist of small rocks or shells that are relatively shallow – 1″.
Clutch: 2-3 eggs
Egg color: creamy white to olive with spots
Incubation: 24-29 days

Range Map

Black oystercatcher range map.
Black oystercatcher range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.