Brown Creeper

Brown creeper climbing up a tree trunk
Brown creeper. Photo by Patrice Bouchard on Unsplash
AppearanceThe brown creeper is a small bird about 5″ long. They have a brown body with a white belly, long tail, and thin curved bill. They have a white streak above each eye. The female looks the same.
DietInsects, nuts, and seeds.
Feeder FoodHulled sunflower seeds, suet, and hulled peanuts.
HabitatForested areas.
NestingCup-shaped nest They have 1 brood/season and 5-6 eggs/brood. Eggs are white with tiny brown marks. Incubation is for 14-17 days.

Range Map

Brown creeper range map.
Brown creeper range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.