Common Raven

Raven sitting on the branch
Common raven
AppearanceThe common raven is a very large bird about 22-27″ long. It’s all black with a large black bill and a jagged array of feathers on its chin. The tail is also large and shaped like a wedge. The female is the same as the male.
DietInsects, fruit, small animals, carrion.
Feeder FoodBlack-oil sunflower seed, hulled sunflower seed, suet, cracked corn, peanuts, and peanut hearts.
HabitatForested areas.
NestingThey build a platform nest and have 1 brood/season. They have 4-6 eggs/brood that are pale green with brown marketings. Incubation is for 18-21 days.

Range Map

Common raven range map.
Common raven range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.