Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper's hawk perched on a tree branch
Cooper’s hawk. Image by SK_Zurcher from Pixabay
AppearanceCooper’s hawk is a medium-sized bird about 15-18″ long. They’re blue-gray with rusty underparts, and a black cap.
DietBirds less than 12″ long and small mammals.
Feeder FoodThey don’t visit feeders.
HabitatForests and forested areas.
NestingThey build large nests, about 27″ in diameter, in trees about 25-50 up where branches intersect in a forked manner. They have 1 brood/season, and 2-6 eggs/brood that are pale blue to blue/white. Incubation is for 30-36 days and fledglings leave the nest at about 27-34 days after hatching.

Range Map

Cooper's hawk range map.
Cooper’s hawk range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.