Eastern Screech-Owl in Winter

Eastern screech owl perched
Eastern screech owl. Image by Irene K-s from Pixabay

Appearance: The eastern screech-owl is a small owl about 8 1/2″ long with a big head, little tufts of ears sticking up, and yellow eyes. There are 2 variations of coloration – primarily reddish/brown (rufous) and primarily gray. They’re darker above with white spots and tiny streaks and underparts are marked with vertical dark streaks.

Winter diet: Their winter diet is mostly comprised of songbirds.

Winter feeder food: Eastern screech-owls do not visit feeders.

Winter habitat: Eastern screech-owls are year-round birds in their range, so they remain for winter. Their range includes Montana and the great plains eastward. They can be found in forests, wooded lots, suburban backyards, and large city parks.

Range Map

Eastern screech owl range map.
Eastern screech owl range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.