Eastern Towhee in Winter

eastern towhee perched on a bare branch in winter
Eastern towhee.

Appearance: Eastern towhees are small birds about 7-8″, mostly charcoal black with rusty-orange on the sides and a white belly. They have a long black tail with a white tip. The bill is short and pointy. They have ruby red eyes. The Female is the same but brown not black.

Winter diet: Seeds and berries left on the vine.

Winter feeder food: Eastern towhees are primarily ground feeders and will happily dine on black-oil sunflower seeds, cracked corn, millet, milo, and peanut hearts.

Winter habitat: Eastern towhees spend winter in their year-round range including Missouri and the states east and south of Missouri. Some of them migrate west and south into Oklahoma and Texas. They prefer scrubby areas along wooded edges, thick fields, and backyards.

Range Map

Eastern towhee range map.
Eastern towhee range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.