Field Sparrow in Winter

field sparrow perched on a branch
Field Sparrow.

Appearance: The field sparrow is a small bird about 5 1/4″ long with muted coloring throughout. Gray face with a bright white eye-ring, a rusty patch behind the eye, and a rusty crown. Underparts are gray with tan on the breast and sides. The short but stout bill is pink. The Female is similar but does not have a patch behind the eye, the crown is more muted, and the belly has light brown streaks.

Winter diet: Small seeds.

Winter feeder food: Hulled sunflower seeds, millet, and cracked corn when scattered under the feeder.

Winter habitat: Most field sparrows spend winter in their year-round range which is Illinois and states south and east of Illinois, plus Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Yet, some may head a bit west and south in the same states mentioned. They prefer brushy woodlands with clearings and fields of tall grasses.

Range Map

Field sparrow range map.
Field sparrow range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.