Great Black-Backed Gull in Winter

Great black-backed gull perched on a post
Great black-backed gull. Photo by Tyler Moulton on Unsplash

Appearance: The Great black-backed gull is the largest gull in the world at about 28-32″ long. They’re white with black upper wings and backs. The bill is yellow with a small red spot at the tip. Eyes are dark, legs pink, and white under the wings. The female looks the same.

Winter diet: They eat water prey such as fish, crabs, mussels, marine invertebrates, and other birds. They’re also scavengers so have no problem dining on dead fish, carrion, and human garbage.

Winter feeder food: They don’t visit feeders.

Winter habitat: During winter, great black-backed gulls remain along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and Great Lakes and many migrate inland in New York and New England.

Range Map

Great black-backed gull range map.
Great black-backed gull range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.