Great Gray Owl in Winter

great gray owl
Great gray owl. Image by sharkolot from Pixabay

Appearance: Great gray owls are large birds about 24-33″ in length. They’re brown, silver, and white streaked, have very large heads, and have a large relatively flat face. Their eyes are close together and bright yellow and their beak is orange. Females are the same except bigger.

Winter diet: Small mammals.

Winter feeder food: Great gray owls are not feeder birds.

Winter habitat: The great gray owl prefers dense and moist evergreen forests in the far north.

Migration: Great gray owls are not migrators. In the winter they can be found in Alaska, northeast Washington, northern Idaho, western Montana, central Oregon, eastern California, western Wyoming, northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, New England, and all Canadian provinces (except Nunavut).

Range Map

Great gray owl range map
Great gray owl range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.