Hairy Woodpecker in Winter

Male hairy woodpecker perched on branch in winter
Male hairy woodpecker. Image by Jennifer Beebe from Pixabay

Appearance: The hairy woodpecker is a medium-sized black-and-white bird about 9″ long with a white belly and black wings with white spots. A white stripe runs down the back. They have a red mark on the back of the head and a long black bill. The female is the same except with no red mark.

Winter diet: Seeds, nuts, and any hibernating insects they can find beneath the tree bark.

Winter feeder food: Suet, hulled peanuts.

Winter habitat: Hairy woodpeckers are year-round birds throughout the US and Canada. They prefer mature forests, urban, and suburban areas where dense trees are found.

Range Map

Hairy woodpecker range map.
Hairy woodpecker range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.