Hairy Woodpecker

Hairy woodpecker hopping up a tree
Hairy woodpecker. Photo by Patrice Bouchard on Unsplash
AppearanceA medium-sized black-and-white bird about 9″ long with a white belly, black wings with white spots. A white stripe runs down the back. They have a red mark on the back of the head and a long black bill. The Female is the same except with no red mark.
DietInsects, seeds, nuts.
Feeder FoodSuet, hulled peanuts.
HabitatMature forested areas, urban and suburban areas where dense trees are found.
NestingThey are cavity nesters generally excavating their own holes. They have 1 brood/year, 3-6 white eggs per brood. Incubation is 11-15 days.

Range Map

Hairy woodpecker range map.
Hairy woodpecker range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.