Hepatic Tanager

Male hepatic tanager
Male hepatic tanager. Photo by Robin Edwards.
AppearanceA small to a medium-sized bird that varies in size from 4 – 8″, dark red all over with streaks of gray, thick gray beak, and long tail. Female and juveniles are yellow.
DietPrimarily insects and spiders. Also, dine on fruit.
Feeder FoodDo not commonly visit a feeder.
HabitatOpen wooded areas in a few southeast states
NestingWide almost flat nest of grass, twigs, and other plant material. 1 brood/season, 3-5 eggs/brood. Eggs are blue/green with specs of brown/purple.

Range Map

Hepatic tanager range map.
Hepatic tanager range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.