Hooded Oriole

Hooded Oriole
Male hooded oriole. Photo by Laurie Hillyer.
Female hooded oriole perched on a shepherds hook
Female hooded oriole
AppearanceHooded Orioles are medium-sized- birds about 8″ long. The male is a deep orange with a black face, throat, wings (+ white wingbars), and long tail. They also have a long pointy turned down bil.
• A juvenile male is the same with bright yellow instead of orange.
• The female is yellow with an olive back and black wings with white wingbars.
DietInsects, spiders, fruits, and nectar.
Feeder FoodFruit and nectar.
HabitatOpen, dry areas with scattered trees – especially palm trees.
NestingThese birds nest in shade trees, palm trees, or large shrubs about 10-45′ up. The nest is a suspended cup-style. They have 1-2 broods/season and 4 eggs/brood that are whitish to pale blue with dark blotches. Incubation is for about 13 days. Fledglings leave the nest at about 14 days.

Range Map

Hooded oriole range map
Hooded oriole range map. range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.