Mute Swan

mute swan swimming in lake
Mute swan. Photo by Robert Woeger on Unsplash
AppearanceMute swans are enormous waterbirds at about 50-60″ in length. They’re white with an orange bill and black at the base of the bill on the face.
DietFish and plant material
Feeder FoodN/A
HabitatMute swans are found floating on the water in urban ponds (parks), lagoons, rivers, lakes, and coastal areas where saltwater meets freshwater rivers and streams.
NestingMute swans are ground nesters. They construct the nest on beaches, dikes or even on nearby islands.
Clutch: 5-7 eggs/brood on average
Egg color: pale green
Incubation: Incubation is about 36 days. The young fledge after about 4-5 months.

Range Map

Mute swan range map.
Mute swan range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.