Northern Bobwhite in Winter

bobwhite quail in winter
Northern bobwhite quail (female).

Appearance: Northern bobwhites are a type of quail and are about 10″ long. They’re reddish-brown with streaking and spotting throughout. They have a whisp of a crown (hardly noticeable), and a white stripe starts at the bill and goes over the eye all the way to the back. Their throat is also white. Females are the same except the head is brown and tan with no white streaks.

Winter diet: Seeds and leftover berries.

Winter feeder food: Seed or crack corn scattered beneath the feeder.

Winter habitat: Bobwhite quails spend winter in their year-round homes south & east of Wyoming plus Wisconsin but excluding New England. Some are also found in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Found in rural and farm areas.

Range Map

Northern bobwhite range map
Northern bobwhite range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.