Northern Parula

Northern Parula on a branch
Northern Parula. Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash
AppearanceSmall bird about 4.5″ long, blue/gray with a yellow throat and back patch, bluish-gray overall with a yellow-green patch on the back, a brown band on lower, white strips above and below each eye. Females are similar but more muted colors. neck, and 2 white wing bars.
DietSpiders, insects, berries, seeds, nectar.
Feeder FoodUnlikely to visit a feeder.
HabitatPrefer forested areas especially when water is present (streams, marshes) and in the lowland where moss is present.
NestingNests are built in mossy vegetation as high up as 100′ at the end of a branch. 1-2 broods/season, 2-7 eggs/brood, eggs are about .65″ long, white with red/brown/purple speckles and incubation lasts about 12-14 days.

Range Map

Northern parula range map.
Northern parula range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.