Pileated Woodpecker

Male pileated woodpecker
Male pileated woodpecker. Photo by Anne Spiers
AppearanceA large bird about 19″ in length. They’re mostly black with white stripes on their face and neck with white underwings. The flaming red triangle-shaped crest is unmistakable and the male also has a red stripe on his cheek. The female is the same except her crest does not go all the way to her bill. And, she does not have a red stripe on her cheek.
DietInsects, especially carpenter ants.
Feeder FoodSuet, shelled peanuts, safflower seed, sunflower seed, and
songbird fruit & nut seed mix.
HabitatForests and wooded areas that offer tall deciduous (leafy trees like maple &  beech), coniferous trees (like evergreen & pine), and lower fruit & nut-bearing trees & shrubs.
NestingThey excavate their own cavity in a tree. They have 3-6 white eggs per brood and incubate them for 15-18 days.

Range Map

US map showing the range of the pileated woodpecker
Map depicting where pileated woodpeckers live. Compliments of The Cornell University.