Pine Grosbeak in Winter

male pine grosbeak perched on branch in winter
Pine grosbeak (male). Image by simardfrancois from Pixabay

Appearance: The pine grosbeak is a sturdy bird approx 8-10″ long, soft pinkish-red with gray & charcoal body, short charcoal beak, medium tail with black tip, wings of black, white, and red. No crown. The Female is gray with a yellow head and tail.

Winter diet: Mostly seeds and fruits from their habitat (pine trees). Sometimes supplements with insects.

Winter feeder food: Black-oil sunflower seeds and suet.

Winter habitat: North American pine grosbeaks spend winter in Canada as well as several northern US states including Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and New England states. They prefer open areas with coniferous trees and deciduous trees in winter.

Range Map

Pine Grosbeak range map.
Pine Grosbeak range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.