Purple Finch

Male purple house finch
Male purple house finch. Photo by Chris Harris.
AppearanceSmall bird about 6″ long with a raspberry-red head with lighter shades on breast, back, and rump. The wings and tail are brown. Females are brown with brown striped breasts and white streaks across their eyes.
DietSeeds, insects, and fruit.
Feeder FoodBlack oil sunflower seeds are their favorite.
HabitatPrefer coniferous forests in summer along with mixed forests near streams and tree-lined backyards.
NestingNests are found anywhere from 2-60′ off the ground on a tree branch and constructed from twigs, sticks, and plant roots. Lined with grass and hair.

Range Map

Purple finch range map.
Purple finch range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.