Red-Bellied Woodpecker in Winter

red-belied woodpecker perched on a dead tree in winter
Red-bellied woodpecker. Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash

Appearance: The red-bellied woodpecker is a medium-sized bird about 9 1/4″ long. They have a zebra-like striped back with a white rump. The red crown extends down the nape of the neck. The chest is tan with just a tinge of red on the belly. The females are the same except they don’t have a red crown.

Winter diet: Insects hibernate beneath the tree bark, nuts, and fruits that remain on fruit-bearing trees & shrubs.

Winter feeder food: Suet, hulled peanuts.

Winter habitat: Red-bellied woodpeckers are found in the eastern half of the US year-round. They do not migrate for winter. They prefer to be in or near forests and woodlands.

Range Map

Red-bellied woodpecker range map.
Red-bellied woodpecker range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.