Red-Breasted Nuthatch in Winter

red-breasted nuthatch on a snowy branch in winter
Red-breasted nuthatch. Image by Sabine Löwer from Pixabay

Appearance: Red-breasted nuthatches are about 4.5″ long, gray/blue backs, white head with black stripes running over either eye, orange-cinnamon-colored breast, and a pointy pick-like beak. Females look the same except their underside is a more faded color.

Winter diet: Insects hibernating beneath the tree bark.

Winter feeder food: Suet, sunflower seeds, shelled peanuts, fruit.

Winter habitat: Red-breasted nuthatches are found year-round in northern Canada. While some stay there year round, many migrate south for the winter and can be found in every US state during that time. They’re usually spotted climbing upside-down a deciduous tree foraging for insects beneath the bark.

Range Map

Map of the red-breasted nuthatch range
Red-breasted nuthatch range. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.