Red-Headed Woodpecker in Winter

red-headed woodpecker
Red-headed woodpecker. Photo by Shawn Conlon

Appearance: Red-headed woodpeckers are medium-sized birds about 9″ long with a red head, black back, white rump, chest, and belly. They also have white patches on their wings, a black tail, and gray legs & bill. The female is the same as the male.

Winter diet: Nuts, seeds, and insects hibernating beneath tree bark.

Winter feeder food: Suet and hulled peanuts.

Winter habitat: During winter, red-headed woodpeckers stay within their year-round range which includes the midwest states (except the Dakotas), and most states east and south of there. They prefer open woodlands especially when ample deciduous trees are present.

Range Map

Red-headed woodpecker  range map.
Red-headed woodpecker range map.