Ridgway’s Rail

Ridgway's rail eating a fish on the shore
Ridgway’s rail. Photo by Mike Chapin.
AppearanceRidgeway rails are large brown waterbirds with a distinctive long, pointy orange bill.
DietCrustaceans, crayfish, aquatic insects, small fish, mollusks, worms, frogs, and seeds.
Feeder FoodN/A
HabitatSalt marshes along the US west coast south to Mexico.
NestingThe nest is located in a clump of grass above high tide or on a water bank. The male constructs the nest using grasses and sedges. A canopy is often constructed over the nest.
Clutch: typically 7-11 eggs
Egg Color: Pale yellow – light olive
Incubation: Both males and females incubate the eggs for about 23-29 days. The young can fly at about 9-10 weeks.

Range Map

Ridgeway's rail range map.
Ridgeway’s rail range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.