Sharp-Shinned Hawk in Winter

sharp shinned hawk perched on a snowy branch in winter
Sharp-shinned hawk.

Appearance: The sharp-shinned hawk is a medium-sized bird about 10-14″ long. They are blueish/gray above with a dark cap that blends into the nape and white underneath with reddish/brown horizontal stripes. The female is the same but about 2-3″ larger than the male.

Winter diet: Birds smaller than 12″ long and small mammals.

Winter feeder food: They don’t visit feeders.

Winter habitat: During winter, sharp-shinned hawks can be found in western British Columbia and throughout the US (except in the Dakotas and Nebraska). Some are even found in Mexico. They prefer forests, forest edges, and urban areas where their prey is found.

Range Map

Sharp-shinned hawk range map
Sharp-shinned hawk range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.