Spot-breasted Oriole

Spot-breasted oriole perched on a branch
Spot-breasted oriole. Photo by Jamie MacArthur.
AppearanceSpot-breasted orioles are large birds about 9″ long. They have a deep orange head and flaming orange underparts. The wings are black as well as the throat, and mask. Black spots on the breast. The female is the same
DietInsects, berries, and nectar.
Feeder FoodUnknown.
HabitatScrubby, vegetated areas, and forested edges.
NestingThe pouch-like nest is suspended near the end of forked tree branches. They likely have about 2-5 eggs and they’re white with dark purple markings on them.

Range Map

Spot-breasted oriole range map.
Spot-breasted oriole range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.