Steller’s Jay

Stellar's Jay
Stellar’s Jay. Photo by Barbara Ferraro.
AppearanceLarge bird 11.5″ long, dark blue body and crest, black head and crest with spots of blue. Females are similar.
DietNuts, seeds, fruits, insects, other birds’ eggs and nestlings, and small animals.
Feeder FoodWhole peanuts, sunflower seeds, and suet.
HabitatTypically found in forested areas of mixed tree types – coniferous and deciduous.
NestingLarge open-cup nest of twigs, bark, and mud located high in a conifer tree. 1 brood/season, 4-5 eggs/brood, eggs are blue/green with dark brown/purple/olive spots, 16-18 days incubation, and the young fledge at about 16-18 days.

Range Map

stellars jay range map
Stellar’s jay range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.