Summer Tanager (Male)

Summer tanager
Male summer tanager. Photo by Renee Kramer.
AppearanceSmall bird about 6.5-7″ long, bright red all over, long tan beak, medium-length tail, no crown. Female and juvenile are yellow.
DietInsects, especially bees and wasps. Also dine on spiders, cicadas, beetles, ants, and termites. Fruit including mulberries, pokeweed, citrus, and bananas.
Feeder FoodUnliked to visit a feeder. However, they can be enticed by planting berry trees and shrubs – especially near a forested area.
HabitatOpen forested areas that contain deciduous & pine trees throughout much of south-central and southeastern US.
NestingThe nest is constructed primarily from dried grasses and herbs into a small cavity and often placed at the fork of tree branches. 1-2 broods/season, 3-4 eggs/brood, incubation is 11-12 days and the young fledge after about 8-12 days. Eggs are pale blue/green with brown spots.