Surf Scoter

surf scoter swimming across water
Surf Scoter.
AppearanceSurf scoters are medium-sized ducks about 19″ – 24″ in length. The male is black and has a large, sloping forehead with patches of white (on the back of the neck, forehead, and either side of the upper bill), and an orange bill. The female is brown with subtle white patches on her face.
DietMarine life including mollusks, snails, crabs, hydrozoans, worms, herring spawn, echinoderms, and aquatic plants.
Feeder FoodN/A
HabitatSurf scoters are commonly found along the ocean surf, salt bays, wetlands, lakes, tundra, forests, shrublands, and even meadows.
NestingSurf scoters are ground nesters. They construct the nest under low tree branches over 100′ from the shores. She builds a shallow depression and lines with her own down and other grasses.
Clutch: 5-9 eggs/brood
Egg color: pale buff
Incubation: The female incubates the eggs for an unknown period of time. After hatching, the young follow their mother to the water.

Range Map

Surf scoter range map.
Surf scoter range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.