White-Breasted Nuthatch in Winter

white breasted nuthatch head first down a tree in winter
White-breasted nuthatch. Image by Gregory Sabin from Pixabay

Appearance: The white-breasted nuthatch is a small bird about 5-6″ long with a gray/blue back, white head with a black cap, chestnut under the tail, and a long thin pick-like beak. Females look similar except their cap and neck are gray.

Winter diet: Insects hibernating beneath the bark & seeds.

Winter feeder food: Suet, sunflower seed, shelled peanuts.

Winter habitat: White-breasted nuthatches are year-round birds that do not migrate for winter. They’re found throughout the US and parts of Canada. They prefer mature deciduous and mixed forests; wooded suburban areas such as orchards, parks, and backyards and are usually spotted moving head-first down a tree trunk foraging for insects beneath the bark.

Range Map

White breasted nuthatch range map
White-breasted nuthatch range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.