Yellow-Rumped Warbler in Winter

yellow rumped warbler perched on a branch in winter
Yellow-rumped warbler. Image by Michael from Pixabay

Appearance: The male is slate gray with a black mask and beak. Yellow patches on the sides of its lower belly, head, and rump. White and gray striped throughout chest and belly.
The female is similar but duller in color and browner than she is slate gray.

Winter diet: berries.

Winter feeder food: Peanuts, suet with peanut butter.

Winter habitat: Yellow-rumped warblers migrate south for the winter inhabitingthe US as far north Ohio in the east, Washington in the west, and south into Mexico. They’re very adaptable so you can find them in the woods, bogs, forest and wooded edges, coniferous and deciduous trees, and wide-open areas.

Range Map

Yellow-rumped warbler range map.
Yellow-rumped warbler range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.