Wingscapes Autofeeder Bird Feeder Review: A Hands-On Review

Author: Tammy Poppie
Reviewed by:
house finch using wingscapes autofeeder bird feeder

This post contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated if you buy after clicking on our links.

Wingscapes Autofeeder Bird Feeder Review: A Hands-On Review

Author: Tammy Poppie
Reviewed by:
house finch using wingscapes autofeeder bird feeder

This post contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated if you buy after clicking on our links.

I set up the Wingscapes Autofeeder bird feeder in my yard because I wanted to know if it was worth it or not. I was shocked at what I learned while observing how the feeder functioned and how the birds interacted with it.

I don’t want to leave you in suspense forever, so here’s what I learned: The Wingscapes Auto Bird Feeder is hands down the best bird feeder on the market.

While testing it out I discovered three main benefits to using an auto feeder like Wingscapes. Here they are:

  1. Auto bird feeders allow you to go on vacation and still feed the birds.
  2. Auto bird feeders allow save you money by controlling how much seed the birds get each day vs. how much they can or want to eat.
  3. Auto bird feeders keep birdseed dry and fresh.

When I first came across this feeder, my initial thought was “why would anyone ever need an automatic birdseed dispenser for feeding wild backyard birds”? I suspended judgment temporarily, set it up, and tested it for a couple of months. What I learned even surprised me.

I’ll go into more detail in a minute about my experience with this feeder, but first, let me explain what a bird auto feeder is in case it’s new to you too.

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Best Auto Feeder

auto bird feeder made by Wingscapes

Wingscapes Bird AutoFeeder

This feeder is great for those who go on vacation and worry about feeding the birds or just want better control over how much the birds eat each day.

View on Amazon

What is a Bird auto feeder?

Just like it sounds, a bird auto feeder is a feeder that automatically dispenses birdseed from a stored area to the feeding tray. Birds are then able to feed on the seed until it’s gone, or until the next supply of birdseed is automatically dispensed. Auto feeders are comprised of 3 main parts:

  1. Storage area: An area that stores the birdseed until it’s time to be dispensed.
  2. Timer Mechanism: A built-in timer that releases the birdseed at predetermined times.
  3. Feeding Tray: The area where the birdseed is dispensed to and where the birds perch to feed on the seed.

What to look for in a Bird Autofeeder?

In order for an auto feeder to be worthy in my eyes, it needs to have the qualities below. Otherwise, you might as well just hang out a regular old, manual bird feeder.

  1. Storage Capacity: The storage area must hold at least 4 cups of birdseed. Any less than that and the feeder loses its benefit of you not having to go out and feed the birds so often.
  2. Protection from the Elements: The storage area must keep the seed dry and secure so it doesn’t get moldy and isn’t accessible by squirrels and other wildlife you didn’t plan to feed.
  3. Hold a Variety of Birdseed: The feeder should be able to hold a variety of birdseed types and sizes. At a minimum, it should work with black-oil sunflower seed.
  4. Control of Food Dispensing. The feeder must have a mechanism that controls the release of the birdseed vs. just dispensing whenever the tray is empty. It should allow for dispensing the food multiple times a day – ideally at least twice, AM and PM.
  5. Dispenser Amount: The dispenser must dispense at least 1/3 cup of seed. Any less than that amount and only a few birds can enjoy the seed.
  6. Feeding Tray Size: The feeder tray must be large enough to support medium-sized birds (e.g. a bird the size of a cardinal) so we can enjoy watching a variety of birds at the feeder.
  7. Ease of Cleaning: The feeder and its parts must be easy to clean so you can be a responsible bird host and not facilitate the spreading of germs and make the birds sick. Anyone who’s visited my blog in the past knows I’m a huge proponent of being a responsible bird host. This means cleaning the feeders and baths regularly is a must. Any feeder I recommend must be able to be cleaned easily which means it needs to be made of nonporous material and easy to take apart.
  8. Warranty: At least a 1-year warranty to protect your investment because auto feeders cost more than most manual feeders.

Wingscapes AutoFeeder Review

Upon receiving the Wingscapes AutoFeeder bird feeder, I was immediately impressed with its sturdiness. The primary material is hard plastic and the hanger & top is metal.

Even the battery and timer doors fit perfectly (no loosey-goosey or plastic hinges that eventually rip off) and stay put with thumb screws. By the way, I liked not having to search for a screwdriver.

wingscapes autofeeder batteries compartment
Wingscapes AutoFeeder requires 4-AA batteries.
wingscapes autofeeder timer setting  compartment
Wingscapes AutoFeeder timer is simple to set. Instructions are inside the door.

The feeder has some weight to it (3.5 lbs. even before it’s filled with seed) so be prepared to have a sturdy hook to hang it from. I hung mine from my super sturdy Squirrel Stoppers Sequoia bird feeder pole.

Wingscapes AutoFeeder hanging from Squirrel Stopper bird feeder pole
Wingscapes AutoFeeder hanging from Squirrel Stopper Sequoia bird feeder pole system in Tammy’s yard.

The Wingscapes AutoFeeder in Action

Below is some video footage I captured of the Wingscapes AutoFeeder in my yard. Notice the red-winged blackbird (a larger bird) manages to use the feeding tray so it’s plenty big for most birds.

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

How Wingscapes AutoFeeder Measures Up

The table below shows how the Wingscapes AutoFeeder compares with the minimum qualities and requirements I previously defined.

Key FeaturesMinimumWingscapes AutoFeeder
Storage Capacity4 cupsHolds up to 1 gallon (16 cups) of birdseed.
Protection from the ElementsProtects against snow, rain, squirrelsThe enclosed clear cylinder, metal top, and dispenser trap keep the birdseed dry.
Hold a Variety of BirdseedAt least black-oil sunflower seed.I confirmed it works with black-oil sunflower seeds, safflower, and striped sunflower seeds. Thistle wouldn’t work great but I wouldn’t expect it to. Thistle or nyjer seed is best used in a thistle-style feeder.
Control of Food Dispensing2 times / AM & PMYou can define up to 4 different intervals and the hour in which the birdseed is dispensed. For example, I set mine to dispense 2x each day at 4 AM and 4 PM.
Dispenser Amount1/3 cupYou can configure the amount of seed dispensed. The options range from 1 – 10 seconds. It’s a bit tricky, but when set to 5 seconds, the system releases birdseed for 5 seconds. I can’t say how much quantity is released per second so you have to experiment. I set mine to 10 seconds and I estimate it releases between 1/2 – 3/4 cup of seed.
Feeding Tray SizeCardinal-size birdThe feeding tray accommodates cardinals. See the video above.
Ease of CleaningNon-porous & comes apartThe brushes inside the dispensing mechanism get gunked up over time and are a challenge to clean properly. As a result, you may not get it as clean as it should be. Wingscapes made the following comment relative to cleaning this part of the feeder: “We do not recommend soaking your base piece since it houses the motor and electronics, but we do recommend taking a damp Q-tip or damp small rag with hot soapy water or diluted bleach to clean the inside. Once cleaned out, we recommend air drying thoroughly to prevent any moisture from being trapped when the feeder is put back together”. I think this is a reasonable approach.
Warranty1 yearWingscapes offers a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Additional Features

The Wingscapes AutoFeeder also has some additional features I’d like to highlight:

  • It has a built-in baffle intended to prevent other wildlife from breaching the storage cylinder. This is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a bird feeder pole with a built-in squirrel baffle.
  • The feeding tray has holes for drainage. This is great when it rains so the birdseed isn’t left to sit in water and mold or just unappealing to the birds.
  • The dispenser is easy to program the number of intervals, time, and amount. There is no confusing programming required… just easily set and it works.

Cost Savings

Below is an example of the cost savings when using an automatic bird feeder like the Wingscapes AutoFeeder. Let’s make a few assumptions and do the math.

  • A 6# bag of birdseed contains about 12 cups and costs $11.98
  • One cup of birdseed = $1.00
  • Without an auto feeder the birds consume about 1.25 cups of seed each day
  • You set the auto feeder to dispends 1/2 of seed 2 times/day = 1 cup/day
  • Cost Savings is $90/per year.
Wagner’s Cardinal Blend Wild Bird Seed Mix 6# Bag (12 cups)$11.98$1.00
Feed the Birds Without Restriction (1.25 cups/day)$1.25$37.50$450.00
Feed the Birds using the Wingscapes AutoFeeder (1 cup/day)$1.00$30.00$360.00

Obviously, the cost would be more or less depending on the auto feeder settings, how much the birds in your yard consume when there’s no restriction, and how much the seed costs.

What could use improvement?

If I had any criticisms about the auto feeder it would be the ability to dispense more than (roughly) 3/4 cup of seed at a time. Some people have more birds to feed and would like to offer more birdseed.

Is the Wingscapes AutoFeeder Bird Feeder Worth It?

Yes. After using the Wingscapes AutoFeeder bird feeder I determined it has merit, and is definitely worth it, and I highly recommend it.

Best Wild Bird Automatic Feeder

auto bird feeder made by Wingscapes

Wingscapes Bird AutoFeeder


Automatically dispenses bird food so you can go on vacation and not worry about feeding the birds.

You control the amount of food offered rather than a free-for-all. This saves you money.

Large capacity (1 gallon), enclosed container keeps food fresh & dry so there’s no waste.

The large perching area welcomes birds of all sizes.

View on Amazon

Although the initial cost of the feeder is higher than the standard bird feeder, it pays for itself within a year as it rations the amount of bird seed offered rather than letting the birds determine how much they want to eat.

It’s especially valuable if you’re concerned about the birds while on vacation or just don’t want the hassle of filling the feeder as often.


I set up, used, tested, and observed the Wingscapes Bird Auto Feeder in my yard for several months. It’s my opinion that it’s absolutely worth it for feeding backyard birds.

I highly recommend it for keeping birdseed dry, dispensing seed at regular intervals so you don’t have to remember or are on vacation, and for the ability to better manage your bird feeding budget.

Following the initial observation period in my yard, I decided to keep it up year-round. I now consider it the bird feeder I never knew I needed.

Happy Birding!

More than 25 years ago, Tammy put her first bird feeder outside her kitchen window. Since then she learned how to attract wild birds to her backyard. Studying the meaning & symbolism of wild birds is also a passion of hers. Read more about Tammy

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  1. I liked this, but really wish there was a way to remove the battery and timer area and completely wash it now and then considering the bird flu that is with us. For that reason I am mostly using my easily washable feeders.

  2. Thanks Hilary. I agree it’s a big challenging to clean properly. Wingscapes does provide a reasonable suggestion for cleaning the battery/electronics portion “We do not recommend soaking your base piece since it houses the motor and electronics, but we do recommend taking a damp Q-tip or damp small rag with hot soapy water or diluted bleach to clean the inside. Once cleaned out, we recommend air drying thoroughly to prevent any moisture from being trapped when the feeder is put back together”. If you’re still concerned, it’s best to use the feeders that are easier to clean.

  3. We live in a very rural area of bottom land. We even have Eagles. We have seen Bald Eagles for years de to significant water sources. The other day I saw a Golden Eagle with a rabbit kill. The first that I have ever seen here. At 30 feet away, he turned around and looked me in the eye. There’s no doubt about his id. He was huge with golden brown feathers, yellow gold eyes and a dark beak. His direct eye contact made my hair stand on end. I was driving and unable to get a photo. After checking my bird book, I read that they have moved east of the Mississippi River in winter range. Probably due to more food source. I was elated after my heart returned to normal. Sorry to leave the subject. We are 67 and 68. We have 8 Australian Shepherds and no longer go on vacations. We have 5 bird feeding stations that feed regular visitors and those that migrating. Photos on request. We have waterproof feeders. We have too many visitors and since we no longer go ride horses everywhere, or go on vacations this is not a feeder for us. However, it would be wonderful for those birders who do. I want feeders with cameras now. So that’s what I am saving up for. Your feeder sounds great for folks who leave home even for a few days. As I said, my phone photos are available on request. Since I have have neuropathy, I would love camera feeders. We’re all different and have different needs. Happy Birding, Elaine Zaricor, Western Tennessee

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