Welcome to On The Feeder!

Our focus is on helping you develop a stronger passion for wild birds through responsible backyard birdwatching and bird feeding. It’s not rocket science but there’s more to consider than just hanging a bird feeder filled with seed mix.

The information and articles you’ll find on this website will enable you to:

  • Learn how to attract birds to your yard and discover the art & science of bird feeding.
  • Explore common backyard bird species like cardinals, blue jays, and chickadees.
  • Buy proven equipment that I tested and use in my own yard.
  • Confidently identify the bird species in your yard.
  • Learn about the species in your yard and confidently identify them.
  • Answer your burning questions about birds in general. (e.g. Do birds pee?)
  • Discover the best ways to resolve problems as wild birds and other wildlife interact with each other, raise their families, and prepare for the next season within your yard.

about Tammy

Hi, I’m Tammy Poppie! The best way I know to introduce myself is to share my core belief with you:

I believe, when we experience nature up close, through backyard birding, we can’t help but to expand our compassion for all wildlife and the world as a whole. When we care more about our world, we leave future generations with a world worth living in.

-Tammy Poppie

Tammy Poppie
Tammy Poppie

I’ve been attracting birds to my yard for more than 25 years. I recall hanging my first bird feeder, filling it with seed mix, and being completely clueless about what to expect.

When the birds started coming I was instantly fascinated and filled with questions like:

What kind of bird is that?
Which birds laid these blue eggs?
Why is that bird dive-bombing me?
I found a baby bird on the ground, what should I do?

Even 25 years later the questions keep coming. On The Feeder is here to answer all those questions and more and has become my life’s passion!

My goal with this site is to help you make the most of the serene, awe-inspiring hobby that is backyard birding. I’m just like you, a regular person looking for inspiration in my life. I found it through backyard birding and hope you will too.

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