About On The Feeder

On The Feeder is a dedicated space for backyard birdwatching enthusiasts. We delve deep into the exploration of wild bird species, offering essential insights and practical knowledge. From detailed informational articles about bird behaviors to thorough reviews of birdwatching gear such as feeders, cameras, and binoculars, we aim to be a comprehensive resource. Our unique Wildlife Rescue Directory stands as a testament to our commitment, to ensuring every reader is equipped with necessary information during bird emergencies.

Mission Statement

Mission: Our fundamental mission is to enrich people’s lives with a deeper appreciation for wild birds, promoting responsible and ethical birdwatching practices.

Approach: Implementing a multifaceted approach, we offer in-depth bird profiles, engaging guides, and unbiased, thoroughly researched product reviews to educate and inspire our community of bird lovers.

Our Story

History: On The Feeder was born in 2021, sprouting from a fusion of profound love for nature, wild birds, and the boundless potentials of the digital world.

Evolution: We’ve transformed from a primarily informational platform to a more holistic resource, emphasizing the eco-conscious and responsible practices essential for meaningful interactions with wildlife.

Who We Are

Team: Compiled of individuals sharing a passionate commitment to birdwatching, our team contributes a wealth of experience and enthusiasm. Ensuring each article resonates with authenticity and expert knowledge, we pride ourselves on creating content that is as accurate as it is enjoyable.

Our Experienced Birdwatching Staff

Tammy Poppie, B.A., A.S.

Tammy Poppie

Tammy Poppie, from Wisconsin, has been dedicated to birdwatching since 1999. Her practical knowledge is shaped by years of hands-on experience, experimenting with different feeders and birdwatching techniques. Tammy focuses on sharing practical advice, and insights, and promoting responsible birdwatching practices through her writings.

Our Responsibility

Editorial Integrity: Upholding staunch standards of editorial integrity, every article is a product of meticulous research, relying on reputable scientific sources and seasoned expertise. Our rigorous editing process ensures content accuracy and readability.

Affiliate Marketing: Ethical considerations shape our approach to affiliate marketing. Clear disclaimers are presented, maintaining a transparent relationship with our readers while enabling the sustained availability of quality content.

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Engagement: Opportunities for engaging with us are abundant. Readers can subscribe to our newsletter, or connect with us on social platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Valuing our readers’ input, we openly invite feedback and suggestions, accessible through our contact page, fortifying the bridge of communication and community spirit.