What Does It Mean When A Bird Hits Your Window And Flies Away?

Author: Tammy Poppie
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What Does It Mean When A Bird Hits Your Window And Flies Away?

Author: Tammy Poppie
bird hit window left mark

This post contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated if you buy after clicking on our links.

When a bird hits your window and flies away, it’s not just trying to say “Hello!” Birds are very adept at communicating with humans, often using songs to express their feelings. In this case, perhaps the bird was attempting to tell you something important.

Is the bird trying to communicate with you? Is it trying to tell you something about your health or happiness? Does this mean that there is an issue in your relationship?

The fact is that there is no way for us to know what the bird was trying to say unless we have psychic abilities. But if nothing else, these questions can give you something to think about when you’re looking out your window in the future.

What Does It Mean When a Bird Hits Your Window?

According to all traditions, birds coming to your window is a sign of change. Some believe it’s a sign of friendliness, while others think it’s a sign of a bad omen. Some people think bringing news of death, while others believe it means you will soon receive an important message from someone close to you.

A bird hitting your window is natural and normal. In many cases, the bird sees your window as a continuation of the landscape, not realizing anything has changed when it flies into it. The bird may also see its reflection in the glass pane.

Birds Landing on Window Spiritual Meaning

pigeon bird lands on window
Pigeon lands on a window. Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

If you’ve ever seen a bird bounce off your window, you might have wondered what it means. You’re not alone, as many people have asked this question over the years.

The truth is, there’s no definitive answer to this question. That said, here are some of the most common interpretations of this phenomenon:

Approaching Transition

If a bird lands on your window and flies away, you are approaching a change. What kind of change? It could be good or bad. It could mean obstacles you need to overcome, and they will soon be behind you. It could mean the end of something.

The Bible often uses birds as symbols of God’s love for us, which means that when a bird hits your window and flies away, it indicates that God cares about you. Contrarily, a bird hitting your window and flying away can also mean there is something in your life right now that may cause worry or concern. This worry or concern will soon be over—you just have to wait a bit longer.

If the bird hits your window but doesn’t fly away before you see it—or if the bird hits your window and then comes back again—your worries are not yet solved.

Death Is Looming

skull representing death
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

If a bird flies into your home, it can signify death—especially if it’s a blackbird. The belief is that when a blackbird hits your window, the black hands of death have come to take life. This belief stems from long-term observation of the birds’ movements. Blackbirds are often harbingers of doom, so if you see one fly into your house, be prepared for some bad news.

These beliefs have continued throughout time and remain popular in many parts of the world today—especially in those societies that still practice animism or shamanism as part of their religious beliefs.

However, there are other ways to interpret this event. Some people believe that when a blackbird flies into your house, it means good luck is on its way. They say the bird brings fortune and will bring even more good things when it leaves again.

Message From Heaven

When a bird hits your window and flies away, it could be a sign from heaven. Birds roam the heavens and earth and have long been essential to human mythology. Birds are powerful symbols in religion. They could interconnect man with God, and in Genesis, birds flew through the heavens after God created Earth.

Today, we know that birds are just an animal species—but they still hold a lot of meaning for us. When you see one fly into your house or land on your windowsill, it could signify a message from a loved one in heaven. It’s essential to pay attention to these signs: as it’s believed, the dead can send us messages regarding important occasions.

Different Types of Birds and What It Means When They Hit the Window and Fly Away

3 sparrows on a window
Sparrows. Image by Sami M’rad from Pixabay

To fully understand the symbolism of when a bird hits your window and flies away is to realize that meanings vary depending on the type of bird. A few of the most common encounters include:

  • Pigeons
  • Magpies
  • Redbirds
  • Bluebirds
  • Blackbirds
  • Doves
  • Sparrows
  • Owls
  • Brown Birds


Pigeons reflect peace and purity. They also show signs of love. If you see a pigeon hit your window and fly away, you are distracted from fulfilling your life’s purpose. Someone needs your help, but you’re not paying attention to them or the people who need you.


Seeing a magpie hit your window and fly away signifies loyalty, intelligence, and friendship. Magpies are known for their intelligence and their ability to communicate with each other. They also have a reputation for being faithful friends who will stay with their families for life. If you notice a magpie hitting your window and flying away, it may mean that someone close to you is ready for more commitment in their relationship.


Redbirds hitting a window signifies love, good luck, and future achievements for those who believe in their abilities. Cardinals are very alert and self-assured. Therefore, it means you’ll continue to flourish despite any obstacles you may encounter along the path.


Bluebirds symbolize freedom, happiness, and joy. If one hits your window and then flies away, it could mean something good is about to happen for you soon.


A blackbird hitting your window signifies death—so if this happens, take care not to read too much into it.


Doves often symbolize peace, so if one flies into your house, it could indicate good energy in the air around you—and perhaps even some peace coming from somewhere else. Doves also represent freedom and liberty; if one flies into your home, it could mean there are opportunities for new beginnings ahead.


If a sparrow flies into your window, it can be seen as a sign that there will be good news coming soon for someone in your family or close circle of friends.


Owls are known for being wise creatures who bring knowledge and vision into our lives with wisdom and insight. If an owl hits your window but doesn’t make it out alive, this could be a sign from your subconscious telling you that something important needs to be addressed before moving forward with something new or different in your life.

Brown Birds

When a brown bird hits your window, it spiritually motivates you for a positive change in your life. The change will be related to overcoming challenges in your life.

What Does It Mean When a Bird Flies Into Your Window and Dies?

sharmock for good luck
Good luck 4-leaf clover. Image by Gaby Stein from Pixabay

You hear a loud bang and realize it’s not your TV: it’s the sound of a bird hitting your window. You look outside—the bird is still there but looks dead.

What does it symbolize when a bird flies into your window? Is this bad luck? Have you just made a cosmic mistake that will doom you to misery for the rest of your life?

Nope! It’s a reminder that you need to take better care of yourself, physically and emotionally. Maybe you’re spending too much time at work and not enough time with friends or family—perhaps you’re letting stress get the best of you. If this concerns you, try to take some time out of your day to do something fun.

If this happens more than once, it might indicate that deeper issues are at play. Something big is about to happen in your life, and it’s time to prepare for it!

This significant event could be anything from an upcoming work promotion to a health scare. Whatever happens next, don’t panic. Just roll with the punches and remember: everybody faces a lousy patch now and then.

What Does It Mean When a Bird Hits Your Car Windshield?

crow looking through car window
Crow. Image by koala0815 from Pixabay

If you’ve ever been driving and had a bird hit your windshield, you know how scary it can be. After all, birds don’t just fly into windows—they usually look around for food, not staring at the road as humans do. So what does it mean when a bird hits your car?

Cultures like the Greeks and the Celts believed that the soul would reappear as a bird after death. Many cultures also believe that a  bird hitting your car is a bad omen. Birds are thought to be messengers from nature and gods. When they come crashing into your windshield, it’s as if they’re telling you to pay attention to what’s happening in the world around you.

If the bird flies away without injury or death, it’s believed that the driver will go through difficulties in the future. If the bird dies immediately after impact, then according to some cultures, death is on its way for someone close to home.

Is It Bad Luck To Hit a Bird?

Some people believe that if you hit a bird with your car and the bird flies away, it’s a good omen, and it means you’ll have an easy life. Others believe that hitting a bird is bad luck because the bird represents your soul, and if you hurt its body in any way, then your soul will be damaged as well.

But what about when the bird dies? If you see this happen and the bird dies, many believe you are about to face a challenge. If the bird survives but cannot fly away from where it landed after hitting the window, it means that someone is coming into your life who wants to cause you trouble.

Bird Trying To Fly Into the House Meaning 

When a bird flies into your house, it’s considered an omen, meaning something significant is about to happen—whether good or bad depending on the bird’s color. Blackbirds are seen as bad omens, while other colors indicate good luck.

If the bird dies inside your home, it symbolizes death; if it flies away unharmed, nothing terrible will happen. Additionally, you’ll see different results depending on which direction the bird entered. If the bird flies in from the north, it indicates that you’re going through a time of financial stability or career opportunity. 

If it comes from the East, it indicates that inspiration is coming. In the South, you’ll find yourself re-energized and ready to get back into whatever work or project you’ve been working on before. If it enters from the West, this is a sign that you’re letting emotions get the best of you—and that’s not always a good thing.

As with any superstition, you should not worry too much about this. Too many variables are involved for these things to be 100% accurate.

What Does It Mean if a Bird Hit Your Window and Follows You?

Sometimes birds hit your window and fly away, while they can also hit the window and follow you. Some cultures like ancient Egypt believe birds to be guardian spirits. When a bird follows you, supernatural powers are guiding you. Others say it’s a guardian spirit. And some say it’s your intuition speaking to you through a bird.

Whatever it means, don’t chase after the bird—it’ll only make them more scared of you. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might just get another glimpse of them in their natural habitat or in another place where they feel comfortable enough to land again.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, It’s not just any bird that hits your window and flies away—it’s a sign that something big is about to happen in your life. It could be good or bad news, but whatever it is, it will change how you look at things. The type of bird will determine whether these changes are good or bad. However, you should not be deterred by this omen as there are many ways to change the outcome of your future.

More than 25 years ago, Tammy put her first bird feeder outside her kitchen window. Since then she learned how to attract wild birds to her backyard. Studying the meaning & symbolism of wild birds is also a passion of hers. Read more about Tammy

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