The Ultimate Guide To Blue Jay Meaning & Symbolism

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blue jay on a branch pondering blue jay meaning and symbolism

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The Ultimate Guide To Blue Jay Meaning & Symbolism

Author: Tammy Poppie
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blue jay on a branch pondering blue jay meaning and symbolism

This post contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated if you buy after clicking on our links.

The blue jay is symbolic in many cultures, beliefs, and folklore. This guide covers everything you need to know about the meaning and symbolism of the dynamic blue-colored bird.

The blue jay is a wild North American bird most easily identified by its wide variety of noisy calls. It’s fitting, then, that the blue jay’s royal blue is the same color as the throat chakra. It also has bold black and white patterns on its wings and head.

Blue Jay Meaning In Different Cultures and Belief Systems

Depending on the culture or belief, a blue jay can symbolize many things. Some of the most common associations with blue jays are:

  • Faithfulness and Solidarity
  • Courage and Protection
  • Intelligence and Curiosity
  • Communication and Truthfulness
  • Mimicry and Mischief
  • Creativity and Individuality

As you can see, the different symbolic meanings of the blue jay are wide-ranging and even contradictory in some cases. Your background, belief, and intuition are vital in determining what a blue jay symbolizes for you in a given situation.


Some religious texts and folklore make reference to the blue jay as a sign, message, or omen. Here are some of the religious beliefs and myths about blue jays.


In the Bible, the blue jay symbolizes faithfulness and protection. It brings the message that a promising future is possible through persistence and determination.


According to Hindu mythology, seeing a blue jay with bones or worms in its mouth on the right-hand side of a person is a sign that the person will come into money soon.

Cultures, Mythology, and Folklore

Mythology and folklore are not just religious concepts. All cultures and civilizations have their unique oral and written histories and myths. Here are some common themes associated with blue jays in various cultures.

Native American

Native American blue jay meaning

Blue jays are closely associated with ravens in indigenous folklore. They’re seen as prideful, selfish tricksters. Some indigenous elders believe that spotting a blue jay near one’s home was a warning that someone was plotting against them or wishing ill upon them.

Blue jays are excellent mimics, often imitating the calls of other birds like hawks. For that reason, many Native American cultures believe that blue jays and blue jay feathers are associated with manipulative, deceptive people. 

Be curious like the blue jay if this message resonates with you. A blue jay can mimic, but it can also investigate. Just because someone tries to deceive or harm you doesn’t mean you have to be deceived. You have the blue jay’s power of self-protection as well. 


In some Italian cultural references, blue jays are considered arrogant and braggadocios. Seeing a blue jay may signify that others feel a certain resentment toward you or your actions. Are you being unreasonably aggressive or acting like a bully?

Of course, the opinions other people have of you aren’t any of your business. If you’re doing what’s right and just and other people find that abrasive, that’s their problem, not yours. Just be aware of yourself and consider whether you may be going further than necessary.


celtic symbol celtic blue jay meaning

Druids were educated members of ancient Celtic cultures. In Celtic folklore, ancient druids reincarnated as blue jays. The appearance of a blue jay symbolizes a connection with powerful, ancient wisdom and magic. 

According to Cassandra Eason in her book Fabulous Creatures, Mythical Monsters, and Animal Power Symbols, other Celtic lore says that blue jays were once large enough to be harnessed by farmers and used to pull a plow. According to that legend, the blue jay asked the Great Spirit to make him so large that he couldn’t be harnessed again, though he still has the mark of the harness on his back.

Blue Jay Symbolism

Not all symbolism is mythological or religious. People of all religions and belief systems have found symbolism in the blue jay. Here is what the blue jay symbolizes in various contexts.


blue jay on post representing blue jay omen

While blue jays are mainly solitary birds, they’re resourceful and understand when to get help from their community. They also recognize that to receive help, they must also offer their help to the community.

A blue jay may be an omen that you need to connect with your community. Whether you require assistance or can offer it, explore what your community has available to you and what you can give back to it. Even solitary animals need the support of the community.


Blue jays are mischievous tricksters. Their power for mimicry makes them a symbol of manipulation. If you see a blue jay or find a blue jay’s feather in or near your home, it may be a sign that someone outside your home is jealous of you. Watch out for deception in those around you, particularly those who may want to take your happiness for themselves.


A blue jay is considered a symbol of luck in many societies. Blue jays are determined, resourceful, and resilient. They work hard, but they also know when to rest. If you see a blue jay, it may be a symbol that your hard work is paying off and you’re about to experience a great deal of luck in your life.


If you dream of a single blue jay, it may symbolize higher truth and intellectual power. Perhaps you are seeking truthful answers to a nagging question or using your voice to shine a light on the truth for the benefit of others. Either way, you can choose to act with integrity and honesty. Remember that blue is the color of the throat chakra, and speak your truth.

If you dream of a flock of blue jays, this may be a sign that you’ve tied your value too closely to the opinions of others. Remember that blue jays flock loosely together when doing so gives them an advantage but are otherwise independent, solitary birds. Dreaming of a flock of blue jays may signify that you need to take back your value for yourself.


Tattooing a symbol on your body is a great way to take on the power of that symbol for yourself. To tattoo a blue jay or blue jay feather on your body will help you embody the energy and power of the blue jay. If you want to be more creative, resourceful, and vocal in your truth, a blue jay tattoo may be perfect for you.


blue jay feather meaning

Finding the feathers of any bird carries the symbolic meaning of that bird. If you find a blue jay feather while you’re out on a walk, for example, that feather carries the same significance as though you had seen the blue jay that left it.

Consider whether any of the blue jay’s symbolic meanings are significant to you. Finding a blue jay feather may be a sign that you should embody the characteristics of the bird. Be curious like the blue jay and search for more signs and context for understanding.

Totem Animal

In many indigenous societies, a totem animal is a guiding spirit that serves as the primary spirit guide for an individual or family lineage. Unlike other spirit and animal guides that may come and go at different times in a person’s life, a totem animal is a permanent fixture.

If the blue jay is your totem animal, you or your family (or both) have an inevitable spiritual destiny. The blue jay’s cry protects it and warns other animals of predators nearby. Likewise, with the blue jay as your totem animal, you are called to use your voice to defend yourself and others.

Spirit Animal

A spirit animal is an animal that appears to you at certain times in your life to offer wisdom and guidance. A spirit animal isn’t meant to represent or embody your individual essence. Instead, a spirit animal is a temporary guide to lead you in a particular direction.

The meaning of a blue jay as a spirit animal varies, but you can learn a lot from the behavior of the blue jay spirit animal. If it’s vocalizing playfully or sounding an alert, this may be a sign that you need to express yourself through your words or use your voice to defend yourself.

If the blue jay is gathering material for its nest, on the other hand, then the message may be different. This could be a call for you to be curious and investigative. Take an interest in the world around you and find something shiny to play with. The blue jay is always curious.

Power Animal

A power animal is a new-age symbol of personal strength and power. A person identifies with a powerful animal to represent their highest self. The appearance of your power animal is a sign that something of significance is happening in your life.

If your power animal is the blue jay, then seeing a blue jay has a special meaning for you. The appearance of a blue jay in your life is like the blue jay’s cry to others in the wild – a warning. Something in your world may not be as it seems, and your blue jay power animal is alerting you.

Perhaps a person in your life is trying to deceive or manipulate you. If you’re feeling threatened by someone, seeing a blue jay signifies that your intuition is correct. Be alert and protect yourself to avoid being led into someone’s game.

Remember, though, that the inquisitiveness of the blue jay as your power animal is a strength. You have the vigilance required to take care of yourself. Look closely at the facts of your situation and allow your intuition to guide you. The blue jay has your back.

What Does It Mean When…

Now that you understand the blue jay’s different symbolic meanings and messages, here are some additional questions you might have.

What Does It Mean When You See a Blue Jay?

The wild blue jay has an expansive natural habitat, and seeing a blue jay isn’t necessarily a sign of anything but the appropriate season. But if your intuition tells you that seeing a blue jay is significant, then it may be a message.

Seeing a blue jay may signify that you should try to embody more of the blue jay’s qualities. A blue jay is resourceful, curious, investigative, and vocal. Is there an area in your life where one or more of these qualities could make a difference? Try being less reactive and more curious at work, for example, and see what happens.

If a blue jay is an animal of spiritual significance to you, then seeing a blue jay may be a signpost on your spiritual journey. Consider what the blue jay means in your spiritual practice to determine what message a blue jay may have for you as a symbol, totem, spirit, or power animal.

What Does It Mean When You See Two Blue Jays?

Seeing a blue jay with its mate may signify loyalty and faithfulness. Blue jays are monogamous and mate for life. If you see two blue jays together, it may be a sign of profound love in your life.

Take time to nurture your closest, most intimate relationships. Remember that love comes in many forms, and spend time with your close friends and family, too. Blue jays are primarily independent, but they know the value of lifelong companionship.

What Does It Mean When a Blue Jay Crosses Your Path?

Blue jays are investigative, curious animals that plan slowly and move quickly. If a blue jay speeds across your path, it may be a sign that you should start moving on something you’ve been delaying. Taking time to plan is essential, but all the plans in the world are no good if you never execute them. Stop thinking so much and take decisive action, like the blue jay.

What Does It Mean When You See a Blue Jay and Cardinal Together?

Blue jays and cardinals are not often found together in the wild and are spiritually opposed symbols. If you see a blue jay and a cardinal together, it may be a sign that something is off-kilter in your world or that opposing forces in your life are out of balance.

Take time to look around and determine what feels off. Trust your intuition and find a way to balance all sides of yourself.

Next Steps

The next time you see a blue jay consider what “blue jay meaning” is behind it. What is the giant blue bird trying to tell you? Check in with your intuition, beliefs, and current circumstances to decide if it means anything at all and if action is warranted.

Have you had an encounter with a blue jay that you’d like to share? Please leave a comment below.


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