How I Choose The Best Bird Feeder Poles

At OnTheFeeder, the goal is to help you easily determine the best bird feeder pole for you. To find the best bird feeder poles, I use a method that combines several important factors.

Process for Choosing the Best Bird Feeder

The one thing that remains constant, whether I’m reviewing bird feeder poles or digital cameras, is my dedication to the safety and wellness of wild birds as well as other wildlife scurrying around your yard.

Then I consider the score, price/value, availability, and potential category.


I begin by examining the overall score, which results from a thorough process involving the installation of the poles in my yard, followed by hands-on testing and observation. During this evaluation, I assign ratings to key factors, including strength and stability, warranty, ease of installation, and additional key aspects.

You can read more about how I test and score bird feeder poles here.

This score gives a general idea of how good each pole is.


But that’s not all. I also think about how much the pole costs compared to how good it is. This helps me figure out which ones give you the most for your money. I don’t want you spending too much if you don’t have to.

Recognizing that people have various online shopping preferences, I provide multiple purchasing options. In certain instances, I may even offer an exclusive discount for my audience, if one’s available.


Next, I consider if the pole is easy to find and buy.

I know the frustration of researching a product, making a choice, and then discovering it’s unavailable. It can be incredibly frustrating. I consider this factor when determining what makes a bird feeder pole the best.

Best Category

Lastly, I think about what kind of bird watcher would like each pole the most. Some poles are great for beginners, while others are better for experienced bird enthusiasts. I want to help everyone find the pole that suits them best.

So, I consider all this information together to decide which bird feeder poles are the best. It’s like putting together a puzzle to make sure you get the best pole for your backyard birds.