Pigeon Symbolism: 21 Symbols Behind the Winged Messenger

Author: Tammy Poppie
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pigeon symbolism portrayed by this white pigeon

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Pigeon Symbolism: 21 Symbols Behind the Winged Messenger

Author: Tammy Poppie
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pigeon symbolism portrayed by this white pigeon

This post contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated if you buy after clicking on our links.

The pigeon, a humble yet significant creature, embodies a spectrum of powerful symbolic representations in various cultures and contexts. Below is a list of symbols that capture the essence of this bird’s symbolic resonance, encompassing attributes like peace, love, resilience, and much more.

  • 1. Peace
  • 2. Love
  • 3. Tranquility
  • 4. Harmony
  • 5. Guidance
  • 6. Homecoming
  • 7. Grounding
  • 8. Loyalty
  • 9. Commitment
  • 10. Resilience
  • 11. Adaptability
  • 12. Unity
  • 13. Devotion
  • 14. Communication
  • 15. Enlightenment
  • 16. Transformation
  • 17. Spiritual Awakening
  • 18. Divine Connection
  • 19. Adaptability
  • 20. Messenger
  • 21. Strength

Now let’s explore the meaning of this ubiquitous bird in more depth.

Pigeon Symbolism from Historical and Cultural Perspectives

From the sun-drenched pyramids of Egypt to the architectural marvels of ancient Rome and Greece, pigeons have flown through the heart of human civilization.

These birds were often associated with powerful deities, such as the Greek goddess Aphrodite, symbolizing love and beauty. As messengers and sacrificial offerings, pigeons held a unique place in societal rituals and practices.

Pigeon Symbolic Meanings

Rock Pigeon
Rock Pigeon. Photo by Kieran Somerville on Unsplash

Pigeons are multilingual in the language of symbolism, with meanings as diverse as the cultures that interpret them. Universally seen as bearers of peace and love, they symbolize the higher virtues of life.

Loyalty and devotion are other prominent pigeon traits, reflecting their monogamous nature. However, in certain contexts, pigeons are seen negatively, seen as pests or bearers of ill omens, showcasing the spectrum of symbolic interpretations they hold.

Pigeons in Art and Literature

Pigeons have fluttered onto the canvases of paintings and the pages of literary masterpieces throughout the ages. From Pablo Picasso’s “Child with a Dove” to the poignant tales of Mo Willems’ series, pigeon symbolism is seen across various themes, emotions, and reflect human experiences.

Pigeon’s Spiritual and Religious Significance

In the spiritual realm, pigeons are often seen as divine messengers or spiritual guides. Christianity often associates them with the Holy Spirit, symbolizing purity and divine inspiration.

In various faiths and folklore, the pigeon’s unerring homing instinct symbolizes guidance, and their white color represents peace and purity.

Pigeons from the Native American Perspective

Native american dreamcatcher depicting symbolism

In Native American culture, animals are revered as sacred beings, each carrying its own unique symbolism and spiritual significance. The pigeon, often considered akin to the dove, holds profound symbolism in these indigenous cultures. 

The pigeon is viewed as a messenger, a carrier of prayers and wishes to the spiritual realm, reflecting the historical use of pigeons to carry messages across distances. Their cooing is believed to represent a soothing, healing voice that brings comfort and reassurance.

The pigeon’s strong sense of direction and homing instincts are symbolically tied to guidance, urging individuals to follow their paths and return to their spiritual roots. They are often associated with peace and harmony, reflecting a common universal symbolism.

Pigeons also symbolize love, reflecting their lifelong bonds with their partners, a trait admired by many Native American tribes.

The diverse traits of pigeons – peace, love, guidance, and message-bearing – are thus highly respected and spiritually significant in the Native American perspective.

Pigeons as Totem Animals

Native American guardian totem represented by a hawk
Photo by Stéfano Girardelli on Unsplash

The pigeon, revered as a totem animal, symbolizes peace, love, and tranquility. Its emergence urges us to fully embrace these qualities, promoting an elevated perspective akin to the bird’s effortless flight.

Recognized for their remarkable homing instinct, the pigeon totem also signifies grounding and homecoming, serving as a reminder to stay connected to one’s roots and values, irrespective of the distances covered.

Moreover, the pigeon’s characteristic loyalty to their partners mirrors deep-seated love and commitment in those guided by this totem. Equally remarkable is the pigeon’s adaptability, thriving in varied environments, which symbolizes resilience and flexibility.

This symbolic representation instills confidence and bravery, providing the courage to gracefully navigate life’s diverse challenges.

Pigeons as Spirit Animals

Pigeon symbolism as a spirit animal, embodies peace and harmony, serving as a gentle guide toward nurturing love and kindness. It fosters a deep bond with the self and others, promoting a tranquil coexistence.

Simultaneously, the pigeon also serves as a herald of change and transformation, encouraging the release of emotional burdens and the embracement of spiritual development.

Associated with divinity across numerous cultures, the pigeon’s appearance as a spirit animal often signals a spiritual awakening. It is a reminder of our inherent spiritual potential, an invitation to delve deeper into higher wisdom and divine exploration.

The pigeon spirit animal, with its symbolic traits of peace, love, adaptability, and spirituality, thus acts as a guiding beacon towards self-discovery, personal evolution, and a profound understanding of life’s enigmas.

Pigeons as power animals

Pigeon symbolism in the role of a power animal serves as a spiritual guide. It brings protection, inspiration, and valuable lessons through its associated virtues, symbolizing peace, harmony, and love.

Embracing the pigeon’s energy inspires peaceful mindsets, promoting unity, compassion, and kindness in all aspects of life, particularly in relationships.

The pigeon’s homing instincts convey symbolism of grounding and a return to roots, guiding individuals towards stability, comfort, and spiritual enlightenment. This bird also embodies resilience and adaptability, reflecting strength in overcoming life’s challenges and fluidity in navigating change.

Moreover, the pigeon’s trait of lifelong partnerships encourages loyalty and commitment in relationships. Thus, as a power animal, the pigeon guides towards peace, love, resilience, and devotion, offering inspiration and guidance in life’s journey, albeit interpreted through one’s personal experiences and beliefs.

Dreaming of pigeons

dream symbolism of birds
Image by Artie_Navarre from Pixabay

Dreams are deeply personal experiences, often serving as a mirror to our subconscious thoughts, fears, aspirations, and feelings. When pigeons make an appearance in our dreams, they come imbued with various symbolic meanings that can offer insights into our waking life.

Here’s a look at some of the common interpretations of pigeon symbolism in dreams:

1. Peace and Harmony: Given their universal association with peace, pigeons appearing in dreams often symbolize a desire or need for tranquility and harmony in one’s life. It could indicate that it’s time for reconciliation, perhaps with a loved one or within oneself. 

2. Love and Devotion: Given pigeons’ monogamous nature, they are often associated with romantic love, loyalty, and long-term commitment. Dreaming of a pigeon could signify a deep desire for these qualities in a romantic relationship, or it might reflect an existing relationship that embodies these traits.

3. Messages and Communication: Pigeons have long been used as messengers, and dreaming about them might mean that you are about to receive important news or messages. It could also signify your need to communicate something important to someone in your life.

4. Home and Stability: With their remarkable homing instincts, pigeons symbolize the concept of home and returning. In dreams, this could signify a longing for stability, comfort, or a return to familiar grounds, particularly during times of uncertainty or upheaval.

5. Spirituality and Higher Purpose: In many cultures, pigeons are considered spiritual messengers and are associated with the divine. A pigeon in a dream may signify a spiritual awakening or a call to explore your spiritual path more deeply.

6. Adaptability and Resilience: Given their ability to thrive in various environments, pigeon symbolism in dreams can mean resilience, adaptability, and survival. They could indicate your ability to navigate through challenges and adapt to new situations in your life.

It’s crucial to remember that these are generalized interpretations. The true meaning of a pigeon appearing in your dream can be deeply personal and contextual, depending on your individual experiences, feelings, and circumstances surrounding the dream.

It can be helpful to reflect on your emotions during the dream, the actions of the pigeon, and other details to decipher what the dream might be trying to tell you.


Through exploring pigeon symbolism, we gain unique insights into how these common birds have been imbued with meaning across different cultures and time periods.

Pigeon symbolism, whether seen as messengers of peace or simple urban dwellers, demonstrates the beauty and depth of our relationship with the natural world, one where even the common pigeon can become a symbol of profound significance. 

More than 25 years ago, Tammy put her first bird feeder outside her kitchen window. Since then she learned how to attract wild birds to her backyard. Studying the meaning & symbolism of wild birds is also a passion of hers. Read more about Tammy