American Oystercatcher

American oystercatcher walking along beach
American oystercatcher. Image by Wolfgang Vogt from Pixabay
AppearanceThe American oystercatcher is a medium-sized shorebird about 16″ long. They’re black above, white below, and have a deep orange bill, yellow-orange eyes, and pink legs.
DietMollusks, limpets, jellyfish, starfish, and other marine life.
Feeder FoodN/A
HabitatInterditadl areas along the beach and barrier islands. Sandy, salt marshy areas are preferred.
NestingThe American oystercatcher uses a simple nest laying in the sand without any lining.
Broods: 1/season
Clutch: 2-4 eggs/brood
Egg color: light gray with brown spots
Egg size: 2.25″ x 1.55″
Incubation: 24-28 days.

Range Map

American oystercatcher range map.
American oystercatcher range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.