Barred Owl in Winter

barred owl perched on branch with a snowy winter backdrop
Barred owl. Image by Darno Bege from Pixabay

Appearance: Barred owls are large birds about 21″ long. They have large round faces with dark eyes and yellow bills. They’re primarily brown with white spots on the upperparts and tan underneath with dark brown streaks.

Winter diet: In winter, barred owls eat small mammals, other birds. If they can find them, they’ll also dine on reptiles, fish, and large insects.

Winter feeder food: Barred owls do not visit feeders.

Winter habitat: Barred owls do not migrate. They remain year round in the eastern half of the US, the Pacific Northwest coast, as well as southern portions of Canada. They prefer mature forests, especially along side water sources that don’t freeze like rivers – especially in the southern part of their range.

Range Map

Barred owl range map.
Barred owl range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.