Horned Lark

horned lark in the snow
Horned lark.
AppearanceMedium-sized bird about 8″ long. Tan to brown with a black necklace and yellow chin. Bill is black. They have two tiny “horns” on the top of their head. The tail is black with white outer feathers.
DietSeeds and insects.
Feeder FoodThey do not visit feeders.
HabitatShort grassy areas such as prairies, deserts, beach dunes and farmers’ fields.
NestingThey have 2 broods/year, 3-4 eggs/brood that are gray with brown markings. The nest is located on the ground. Incubation from 11-12 days.

Range Map

Horned lark range map.
Horned lark range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.