Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird
Mountain Bluebird. Photo by Arnold Joe.

Appearance: Small bird about 7″ long. Sky-blue color, darker blue wings and tail, lighter shades of below underneath, white undertail with black wing tips, and straight thin bill. Females are gray/brown with a bit of soft blue on their wings and tail.

Diet: Insects, fruit, and seeds.

Feeder Food: Unlikely to visit a feeder.

Habitat: Open woodlands, fields, prairies.

Nesting: Cavity nesters – will use an old woodpecker hole or manmade nesting box.
Brood: 1-2 broods/season
Clutch: 4-8 eggs/brood
Egg size: 1″ x .8″
Egg color: Pale blue to bluish-white (rarely pure white)
Incubation: 18-21 days

Range Map

Mountain bluebird range map.