Red-Tailed Hawk in Winter

red tailed hawk perched on a branch in winter
Red-tailed hawk.

Appearance: The red-tailed hawk is a large bird about 22″ long and primarily brown with white patches underneath with dark streaks, and a broad-squared tail. In the west, the tail is red/brown (rufous) underneath while those found in the east have a more washed-out reddish tail.

Winter diet: Small mammals, reptiles, and larger birds.

Winter feeder food: They don’t visit feeders.

Winter habitat: Red-tailed hawks remain in their year-round range during winter which includes all of the US except perhaps North Dakota and New England. They’ve adapted to a variety of habitats including mountainous, woodlands, prairies, and deserts.

Range Map

Red-tailed hawk range map.
Red-tailed hawk range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.