Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker in Winter

Yellow-bellied sapsucker climbing side of tree
Yellow-bellied sapsucker. Image by iTop Loveliness from Pixabay

Appearance: Small bird about 8-9″ long with a checkered back. They have a red forehead, crown, and chin. The chest and belly are tan to yellow and have white wing patches. The Female is similar except she has a white marking on her chin.

Winter diet: Berries and fruit, bast (inner bark of a tree), few insects.

Winter feeder food: Suet.

Winter habitat: Yellow-bellied sapsuckers migrate south for the winter and spend the season in Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida North & South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. They prefer densely wooded areas with living trees.

Range Map

Yellow-bellied sapsucker range map.
Yellow-bellied sapsucker range map. Compliments of The Cornell Lab.